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MyIndicators – A New Milestone in Learning and Education

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MyIndicatorsSo far you might have come across tools that enable two or more people based at various corners of the planet come together and share information, chats, photos, and more. But have you thought that this technology can further be developed to enable people to design indicators, collect data, work on it together, analyze it and create visualizations, to further use them set goals for education, health, exercise, business and more? Now, one of the excellent  data collection tools is available and its name is MyIndicators!

MyIndicators is a tool that you can operate through your desktop PC or even a smartphone or a tablet while on the go. It’s super easy to use and makes your life much easier by making you able to collect information you want, share it with your student, teacher, learner, coach, trainer, personal assistant or anyone with whom you want to share it to further create indicators from it and check whether you or your student/learner is on the right track and how s/he is performing.

How does MyIndicators Work?

MyIndicators is the cloud-based service that works through the internet and facilitates setting parameters, collecting data and evaluating performance. This is great for filling the gap between a learner and an educator that comes from being physically in remote locations. MyIndicators is a mobile tool and works even irrespective of how far the users are from each other.  But MyIndicators is not only useful  for distance learning but also for classroom training.

MyIndicators works in 3 steps:

  1. Design: Educator designs indicators together with the learners with an easy to use and powerful designer either from one of the templates or from scratch to promote student-centered learning.
  2. Collect: You can further collect the data or feedback and analyze and assess it
  3. Visualize: Self-defined visualizations help in analysis for a transparent and easy-to-understand picture.

This can better be explained with a few examples.

Let’s say Eric wants to excel in math and biology. He can invite his teachers through MyIndicators to create indicators. The indicators will consist of various activities related to the two subjects, like finding and solving various problems and puzzles and quizzes based on those problems, studying equations and geometrical formulae for math, and collecting diagrams and charts, classifying animals according to their genus and species, etc for biology. Eric will daily fill in the fields of the activities he has performed and his teacher will then evaluate this data to see how Eric is performing. On this evaluation, the teacher can find if Eric is finding a particular subject difficult, what he can do to reduce the difficulty level and what he can include in the indicators. This will help both of them to understand what can be done to  increase the student’s performance and achieve his goals for both the subjects.

Let’s take another example of Michelle who is a sales manager and has a team working under her and she wants to complete her target given by her company. She can set indicators and pass them on to her team members through MyIndicators even while they are not together or on work. Then when her teammates will pass on the data to her using the tool, she can evaluate the data and think upon how to use it to complete the target. She can then distribute tasks to the teammates and herself, and monitor individual performances and see if any changes are needed. Once they achieve the target, she can set new goals.

Another example can be taken of Mary who is a 60-year old arthritic and diabetic lady who sets a goal of bringing her blood glucose levels down within a month and being able to walk for 10 minutes. Her doctor can create indicators through MyIndicators and Mary can daily fill in the activities decided  which her doctor can monitor  and evaluate Mary’s progress towards her goals. Once the goals are accomplished, they can set new goals like bringing Mary’s blood sugar further down and being able to walk for a longer time.

All in all, MyIndicators can be used by many types of professionals and their clients, learners or students, to achieve goals and become successful and/or healthy in life.

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Outstanding Features

  • High Accessibility: MyIndicators can be used through any browser and device, like desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So, you can access it from anywhere if you have any device with you and the internet connection.
  • Useful for Any Faculty: Whether you are an academic student/teacher, a health and fitness trainer/learner, a sports coach/learner, a business professional/executive/team member or a doctor/patient, you can use MyIndicators for setting and achieving personalized academic, health-related, performance-related and business-related goals.
  • Two-way feedback – from educator to learner and vice versa
  • Formative Assessment: There is a scoring feature too which allows students and educators to evaluate and review the performance of the learner with a score.
  • Summative Assessments: Educators can track test results over time.

Benefits of Using MyIndicators

  • Increasing engagement of both classroom learner and distance learners
  • MyIndicators facilitates the learning process. In a classroom, where multiple students learn at a time, a student may not be able to concentrate on the topic being taught; but, with MyIndicators, because of personalized teaching, a student can better concentrate and thereby better understand the topic.
  • MyIndicators provides scientific evidence for evaluation and assessment of data collected, so the evaluation is more systematic, logical and precise.
  • A student or learner can get ongoing feedback of her/his performance and thus can keep track.
  • The data collected by MyIndicators is of high quality  and so, it can be used for research purpose and presentations.
  • You can try MyIndicators for free!

Forthcoming Features

In response to its users’ demand, MyIndicators will have features like:

  • Native app
  • Photos

Creators of MyIndicators

MyIndicators has been created by Patrik Helenius and Malene Schmidt in 2014. Patrik is a programmer and entrepreneur, and a founder of three tech companies, while Malene is an upper secondary school educator with intense interest in improvement of education and social sciences in the Scandinavian region. You can contact them at:

Address: MyIndicators AB
Gotgatan 22A,
118 46,

Phone Number: +46 70 263 26 50



Watch this amazing video on how MyIndicators works:

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