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Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Similar to N9

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Nokia and Microsoft have joined hand together and we have seen two proofs of this collaboration in the form of Nokia Windows Phones i.e. Nokia Lumia 800 and710. Now it’s time to expect something more from both Nokia and Windows and therefore we are start expecting Nokia Windows 8 Tablet. This tablet concepts is required in this era especially when we have tablets- iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, etc- from the leaders of mobile phones industry. Everyone wants to see a Nokia Tablet and it can be predicted with some surety after the release of Steve Job Biography.Nokia and Windows

It has been revealed through the Job’s Biography that the iPad is launched with an intention to tease Microsoft. Consequently, Microsoft has a reason to react. Nokia hardware has the strong power which can be boosted up with the Windows 8 thereby it is not difficult to say that Redmond Giant and Finnish mobile maker will plan for something big.

If you want to see a Windows 8 Nokia Slate then you just have to look at the above image. You may surely notice the similarity of this tablet with famous and latest Nokia N9.Actually the inspiration of Windows 8 Tablet design has been taken from this hot smartphone. There is also a possibility that this slate come with Flexible Kinetic Display which was showcased at Nokia World 2011 inLondon.

At this point we have no words to say about specs of Nokia Windows 8 Tablet but two things are certain somewhat:

  1. Tablet from Nokia will run on Windows 8 operating system
  2. Nokia and Windows Tablet will equip with high-tech specs and state-of-the-art hardware technologies.


Now we have to see when exactly we hear official words from Nokia and Microsoft. Right now, you can do one thing i.e. share your thoughts on this idea.

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