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Social WiFi and its Business Benefits

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With the advancement of technology, there has been an increasing number of innovative ways to connect and interact with your clients and customers. One of the areas that has been allowing a business to engage their customers and clients even more is surely social WiFi. What is it and how can your small or medium business benefit from social WiFi? Keep on reading to find out!

Traditional WiFi that’s offered within buildings such as companies or shopping malls commonly requires gadget users to pick the network and ask for a password. When it comes to social WiFi, customers and clients can simply connect to the public WiFi network by logging in via their social network accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Once they log in, they can be prompted to “follow” and “like” or “check in”, but you can also send them a targeted coupon that’s designed to socially engage them. For instance, you can offer 15% discount for their next purchase if they follow you on Twitter.

In general, this setup is great because it is beneficial both for businesses and clients/customers. The latter get easy access and safe internet connection for free, together with discounts, coupons and similar incentives. On the other hand, businesses can build their contact lists more convenient, easier and faster  than with other methods. For hospitality businesses (hotels, bars, restaurants, caterers), retail stores and beauty parlors of any type, social WiFi has proven to be incredibly beneficial. Here, I’m not trying to say that other enterprises cannot benefit from social WiFi, but the above mentioned businesses can reap the most of it.

Social WiFi has made local-based analytic strategies a possible and even an inevitable marketing tool nowadays. A business is able to attract their clients and/or customers with targeted promotions and content. What’s more, contemporary consumers appreciate this.

If you own a bar, you probably provide your guests with free WiFi. But, do you get a return on that investment? The answer is negative. Therefore, everyone who wants their guests to have a free WiFi at their store, bar, restaurant or salon should consider implementing social WiFi. This is the way to turn one of many monthly expenses into an asset.

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