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6 Best Android Apps for Birthdays

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Birthday App logoBirthdays are special. But forgetting one’s birthday can be a nightmare! Relationships can end on this issue. So, is there any solution? Yes, thanks to the various apps available today on android platform to remind you of birthdays of your loved ones and maintain smooth relationships. Here are a few best Android apps for birthdays to help you live a better life.

1. Birthday App

Birthday App is the first all-in-one social app in the world for celebrating birthdays which is available on android as well as iOS. It helps you view a personal countdown until yours and your friends’ upcoming birthdays, view calendar with all your loved ones’ birthdays and get automated reminders, and send and receive personalized invitations for birthdays and parties, isn’t it wonderful? So, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting the birthday of someone special and receiving their grudge.

Birthday App

2. Facebook

You can even use Facebook to remind you of birthdays. The social media giant is helpful for a lot of things, but it can be a very good birthday reminding app. It has the only drawback of being able to use only the data it has been provided. If your friend doesn’t provide their birthday, you won’t get the reminder. Also, if your friend doesn’t use Facebook, then too you won’t get the reminder.

3. Google Calendar

Compatible with all android devices, Google Calendar can be a stock calendar app for some android devices, but can be used to remind you of your loved ones’ birthdays. You can make the remembrance even easier by connecting this app to your Facebook account.

4. Birthdays for Android

As its name suggests, this app reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries and all other special occasions you provide it. It syncs with your contact list. Thus, if you happen to have contacts from Facebook or Google, you can import the data from there. You can even export data to your storage, and thus can easily transfer it to another Android device.

5. Birdays

The logo of Birdays indicates that it might be a cute gesture of its developer to name it that way, because it features a small, cute bird. Whatever may be the case, this app does its job of reminding of birthdays very well, but also have many other features. For example, it shows you the upcoming birthdays by month and also which celebs have the same birthday as yours or your frineds’.

6. To Do Reminder with Alarm

If you tend to forget important tasks, you’re quite likely to forget birthdays. But To Do Reminder app reminds you not only of your important tasks but also birthdays. So, you can be quite worry-free about your daily tasks, and many other things including stuff you need to buy from the grocery or other shops.

These apps like Birthday App can make your life easy and stress-free as they will never let you forget important moments called birthdays. They are free to download. So, have you started downloading one?

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