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CommunityBadge – Enjoy Safety with the Power of Unity

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CommunityBadge appLet’s face it, this is the time of insecurity! People are getting more and more selfish and heading on a path of sins and crimes, making others insecure. Population has increased, dearness is increased, discrepancies have been increased and crimes like burglary, looting, thieving and bullying have been increased too. Yes, police is there. But how much will they suffice? As compared to the expanse of crime, police staff is quite short. This results into failure of police to reach every scene of crime on time and catch the criminals. Eventually people condemn them. In turn, they become either frustrated or indifferent. This system should be changed. And that can be done with each other’s help by coming together – with CommunityBadge!

What is CommunityBadge?

Though this is the time of insecurity it should be agreed that this is the time of unification too! People have become more concerned for each other, more ready to help others, more responsive and more sensitive. This might be because almost everyone is undergoing some or the other injustice due to the wrongly proceeding system. This naturally makes them sympathetic towards others and willing to help others.

CommunityBadge is an app which further strengthens this feeling of helping others at the time of emergency. This app can be downloaded to your phone anytime for free and bingo! You are connected to others 24/7.

Upon downloading, you get a quick profile. This profile is useful for others to find you to help you at the time you need help urgently. What will you have to do? Just click once on each button and every user around you or specific users you have chosen, let them know your location and what type of help you need. You can even set your own, customized alarm.

What if nobody is around you? Don’t worry! In such a situation, you can use conventional emergency buttons.

CommunityBadge is an exclusive system that keeps people informed and changes the ways to stay safe.

The purpose of the app is not to resist, but to challenge the system which is getting less and less agreeable every day by creating a non-violent, peaceful and uniting alternative.

Download CommunityBadge today and enjoy safety with the power of unity!

CommunityBadge app

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