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Fourganize 1.2 App

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fourganize appNew version of Foutganize application if available for iOS. If you like this social trivia, fast-paced game by Ghost Mobile, a new 1.2 version is available for free on the App Store. Fourganize is better than other similar games, because it won’t ask users the same question twice. The questions are auto-generated for a large data list. Questions in this fast-paced, social trivia application include 13 categories including Internet, Geography, Food, Baseball, Video Games, History etc. It is based on fourganizing – ranking four answers in a list, so you do not have a traditional multiple-choice format in this game.
When played online, the Fourganize app is based on “jackpots”. User have an opportunity to create a jackpot and to specify one of 13 categories, entry fee and end time. So, any player can pay the fee and give his/her best to get the top score. After the jackpot expires, the winner will get the entire pot of coins. This is good because it allows players from all around the world to ascend the coin rankings and be listed in the top 100 quite quickly. Of course, you can play Fourganize not only with some unknown players from the world, but against your Facebook friends. Or, if you prefer that, you can create even a 2-player heads-up challenge. After any Fourganize game finishes, players get the notification about the score’s ranking among their friends, locally and worldwide.
Fourganize is, we repeat it, a free application and therefore if you haven’t tried it yet, you should, especially if you like this kind of games. It requires iOS 4.3 and the later versions, iPod touch, iPhone or iPad and 16.9 MB memory. For more information check out
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