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This Mobile Time Tracking App for iPhone & Android Users Makes Employee Timesheets Easy

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Boomr mobile time tracking appToday there are mobile apps for almost all tasks. They can even help a person run a business. Yes, there are mobile apps for several tasks that have to be undertaken in businesses. One of the most useful of these business apps is the time tracking app.

If you are an entrepreneur, you should get a time tracking app if you haven’t got one. And today’s best mobile time tracking app is Boomr.

Boomr is a time tracking software tool for Android and iPhone and it’s more than just a time tracking tool. It has several amazing features that can be used for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your employees, thereby improving your business. Here are only a few wonderful features of Boomr among many.

Simplifies Timesheets

Managing timesheets is one of the most tedious tasks in business. However, when you use the Boomr software, the hassles of managing timesheets in a traditional way is completely eliminated. For any businessperson, tracking his employees’ time for given tasks is very important because the less time they take for a particular task, the more time they get to do many other tasks, thus their productivity increases. Boomr helps you manage your timesheets easily and quickly by providing very convenient hourly, daily, weekly and bi-weekly timesheets to your inbox absolutely free. And even people who are not so tech-savvy can use Boomr timesheets easily. Starting working with Boomr takes a few minutes and they can even provide you and your employees webinars on how to use the app.

Better Payroll Management

Boomr not only tracks your employees’ time but also generates timesheets that you can use for payroll purposes. You might come across issues about employees not getting proper payment. This problem will come to an end with Boomr. Boomr tracks employee work hours with an outstanding accuracy to a minute level. This tool is especially great for you if your employees work on odd hours.

Boomr mobile time tracking app

Improvement in Productivity

Because employees can track time with Boomr they actually see the entire picture of how they use their time and how productive they are. When they find points and practices where they waste time, they become more focused and thereby more productive in their work. If they are running behind others, they can know how long they are taking for each task and how they can make proper use of their time.

Saving Time on Worksheets

Since Boomr helps for better management on worksheets and simplifies the task, you save tremendous amount of time which you can utilize for many other important tasks which you couldn’t do previously because of lack of time. On an average, more than 40 hours are saved by you per month calculating timesheets due to Boomr! So, you can imagine how useful this tool is.

Get this very useful time tracking app for your mobile phone as soon as you can and see your employees’ performance and your business’ success growing.

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