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Accessories – The Charger Clip

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Cable chaos on the floorNew mobile phone accessory is about to be released. A phone charger, the charger clip that will keep your cable off the floor. Nowadays mobile phones need charging, somebody would say, constantly. Usually, we do it before going to bed. Here is the ritual: you go to bed, then look for your charger cable on the floor or behind your furniture and then you can sleep tightly. Do you hate that ritual? Well, I think that almost every person does. But what can we do? Well, in fact, a lot.

With new accessories, the charger clip, you are no longer in need to have that irritating nightly ritual. Useful little thing is coming soon to the market and it can help us overcome this problem. This device is designed to be attached behind a desk, bedside table or table top and it prevents your phone charger cable (or USB cable) from dropping off.

The Charger Clip will be available “clear in color” if you prefer it to blend with your interior or in some funky colors if you like bold details to make a statement. The device is useful and compatible with most mobile phone chargers, iPhone and iPod chargers, e-reader chargers etc. In fact, if any of your devices has a charger with cable, the Charger Clip will help you and keep your cable where you want it to be. Looking forward for this small item that will release us from stress, at least a little bit.

*Expected price for the single pack is $9.95, and $14.95 for double pack




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