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Folx – A Great Free Download Manager to Organize Downloads on Mac

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Folx free download manger for MacIt’s quite common that all downloads on Mac go to the Downloads folder and several times we don’t bother or don’t get time to clean this folder to organize the contents in it. If this happens with you too, don’t worry! A free download manager named Folx can do the job for you. This free download manager is for macOS that does the job of downloading files and saving them to appropriate folders. Folx has a unique system of segregating and storing the downloaded content because of which it is so organized.

Folx has Several Simple Ways to Organize Your Downloads

Folx will organize downloads folder on Mac in several simple ways. Any number of tags can be assigned to your downloads as per their content. With this, the downloads will be segregated in Tags panel of the manager.

organizing with folx tags

For this, go the main Folx’s window and click “+” and a new download task will be added. Select the type of download you want: URL, YouTube or Torrent link, assign one or multiple tags and customize the download options if required.

Now, open Folx -> Preferences -> Tags in the main menu. Here you can form and manage tags and select the folders for files with various tags. To form a new tag or remove an unused one, you can use + or – keys in the lower left of the app window.

Generally, most of the downloads on your computer come under one of these categories: music, movies, pictures, applications. Of course, you can add any number of other categories to these and organize downloads on Mac easily.

organizing with folx tags 2

Upon clicking a tag, other files tagged with it will also be seen. You may forget the name given to a file that you downloaded a long time back; in that case, you can find it easily with the help of the tags.

Folx tags will automatically send video and music files to iTunes playlists organized with assigned tags.

In Folx, you can also sort all downloads by date, priority, size, name and current status: downloading, finished, paused and torrent search. No matter you want to segregate downloads by date or by name on Mac, Folx makes it extremely easy for you!

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