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GLBL7 – Unparalleled Counter Surveillance of Mobile Networking

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GLBL7LOGOProfessional athletes, celebrities and politicians are prime targets for cell phone interception when they (try to) relax at home or attend high profile events. Everybody needs some privacy and they should be free to use their cell phones without the threat of constant tracking and surveillance. GLBL7’s is a company dedicated to providing you freedom of cell phone privacy.

GLBL7 uses advanced mobile network counter surveillance technology which enables them to locate active and developing, detect and alert mobile network threats targeting their clients within their private residence. But famous individuals are not the only ones who are under a constant threat of tracking. Government facilities and activities can also be targeted to potentially exploit intelligence. Embassies, law enforcement activities, headquarters, bases are often targeted as well as sensitive operations and overseas facilities. GLBL7 is the company which work only with approved Government vendors and verifiable Law Enforcement Agencies. This company provides very sophisticated counter surveillance within across multinational offices or within a single office building. While remaining totally undetectable to the adversary or attacker, GLBL7 can pinpoint the threat with the the GPS accuracy in real time.

A managing director and a founding partner of GLBL7 is Mr. Demetri Arvanitis, based in Washington, DC. With over eleven years of experience as strategic transaction and global project adviser to European and US security group, Mr. Arvantis interests off-shore development/manufacturing, encompassed technology transfers etc.

GLBL7 has clients on three continents, so far. They provide the unparalleled counter surveillance of mobile network interception to companies based in London, New York City and Johannesburg. If you or your company need more privacy when it comes to mobile networking, GLBL7 is probably the best solution to all your problems. Contact them for more information and business details.

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