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Stat Bliss – Your Way to Quick and Easy Access to Big Data for Trading

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Stat Bliss big data analysisBig data has impact on almost everything today. No matter, what business or industry you are dealing with, it’s virtually impossible to separate important business decisions from big data. And it especially applies to finance and trading, where the influence of big data is increasing every day.

There are winners and losers in the stock markets and other trading types. Are they different from each other? Yes, winners have the capability to make accurate predictions of stock behavior in a particular market condition or on a particular day. This can either be based on sheer genius or knowledge built over years of experience of trading. What’s important is the knowledge of how to analyze the data and decode relevant patterns.

So, now the question is how to access the big data. And here’s where Stat Bliss steps in.

What is Stat Bliss?

Stat Bliss Inc. is a platform for data analytics and visualization for those who trade and invest in finance. The developers of this platform are traders themselves who were in search of a way to track and visualize alternative data. When they didn’t find it for a reasonable price, they decided to create such a platform where traders can access the big data.

So far, thousands of dollars had to be spent a month to get access to the information up to this depth, because of which only traders who were already financially sound were able to get it or workforce to build it. With Stat Bliss, however, any common trader can access the big data easily and in an inexpensive way without having to connect APIs or juggle data between platforms. Thus, you can easily get data and get trading.

Stat Bliss also enables you to watch for signals deeper inside the data and receive alerts when you can gain value. It also offers point and click ease of use to an individual rather than a large financial organization. Individuals can set their data set and time frame, visualize it and just in a few, simple steps, learn to apply it to their trading.

Big data is being used by investment banks and hedge funds for more than ten years, but unfortunately, the rest of the retail trading population and even some professionals cannot access it.

But Stat Bliss will change this trend. It has features like Historical Data, Scanners, Visualizations, Watch Lists, Analytics Tools and Alerts. Moreover, various types of Alternative Data and Financial Data will be included. The platform can be used by day traders, active traders, money managers, licensed and unlicensed professionals, retail investors and traders and options traders.

So, by now if you were distressed due to having no easy access to big data, now you can have it easily with Stat Bliss. Try the risk-free, two-week free membership. Happy trading!

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