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Windows Tablets Details Surfaced On the Web Via Video

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Nowadays, we are getting the information about the Windows Phone Mango Smartphones and Windows 7 Tablets but only a few people know about Windows 8 Tablets. Actually, it is Microsoft which pushes us to think a head and therefore the company provides us a video in which Windows 8 operating system is working on Samsung Tablet Prototype. First watch this video!

Before this video, we also watched different videos which were providing us a demonstration how Windows 8 OS platform will run on Laptops and Tablets. The people who are using Windows 7 Tablet PC will surely feel great interest in this next operating system. Microsoft will integrate this OS with some new features so that its users facilitate a lot.

Check what company said about its Windows 8 Tablets and PC on its official Blog:

 A Windows 8 PC is really a new kind of device, one that scales from small, touch-only tablets to laptops and desktops. While reimagining Windows 8, we designed it to deliver a great experience regardless of the form factor or screen orientation.Tablet devices allow for ergonomic flexibility, allowing you to hold the device in whichever orientation is most comfortable to you and best suits your content.

What I like most about this newest OS of Microsoft is that it provides us great flexibility. We are free to play games on landscape mode and if we have a desire to read a book then we will have to simply go for its portrait mode. Company tries to add great comfort in the life of users and therefore it is working to optimize both landscape and portrait mode in this upcoming OS.

Check the video and tell us what you think about this optimization.

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