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Ways to Crack 3 Common Problems with Windows 10

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Windows 10 problemsWindows 10 has become today’s most popular operating system. As almost 4 years have been passed since its advent, users have got ample time to get familiar with it. Although Microsoft has resolved most of Windows 10 problems, some of them related to security or other types have been left out or some problems have been produced by recent Windows updates.

Especially the October 2018 Update has produced many kinds of issues, some as horrible as the Blue Screen errors. Computergarage has beautifully described the solution to this problem and everyone should read it.

Our readers may feel somewhat relieved if they get solutions to some of the other problems. So, here’s a small list.

1. Speed Up Your Work with Windows 10 Gestures

One of the major problems is the sluggishness of keyboard and mouse that arises from time to time. You should note that Windows 10 has been optimized for touchscreen and it allows users to do a plenty of cool things quickly just with a finger prod.

For instance, swiping in from the right presents Action Center where settings can be changed and notifications are seen. Swiping in from the left will present Task View i.e. an overview of all the apps running at present. Swiping down from the top will bring a title bar consisting of minimization tools.

2. Locating Files with Tags

If you’re facing the problem of finding files on your PC, Windows 10 makes your job easy to locate them by offering you ‘tags’.

Users can tag a file by right clicking it, selecting Properties, going to the Details tab and then clicking on the Tags section (under Description) and adding a tag from there, by just typing it in. Then you can use those tags when searching. This is extremely convenient when you want to put a few files under a specific task project. All these files will come up when you search with that term.

3. Finding Safe Mode

Another important problem may be to find the Safe Mode. The Safe Mode is indeed a safe way to boot up your PC and run the system with only essential drivers and no startup apps. The drivers should hopefully enable the computer to boot successfully while it won’t otherwise because of some or the other problem.

Finding Safe Mode on Windows 10 is made easy when you hold down the Shift key during boot-up or select Restart from the desktop while keeping the Shift key pressed.

Hopefully, you’ve got a help for at least some of your problems and you can work more smoothly on your PC henceforth.

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